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Stankevicius International Pushes Oil Trade in Q3 in Global Commodity Markets

Stankevicius International commodity trading and due diligence firm from Ireland is pushing NNPC standard automotive gas oil trade in Nigeria during the end of the 3rd quarter.

Global oil market is balancing in Q3 as demand rises according to the US EIA. In 2021 Q3 demand is 1.3M b/d above than during last year in 2020.

According to EIA research, regular gasoline retail prices will be $2.92/gal at the end of Q3 which is up by $0.85 from last year.

Additionally, predictions for OPEC crude oil production shall rise up to 28M b/d by the end of Q3 which is up from 25M b/d during Q2.

While the oil market is finding its balance, Stankevicius International finds a good entry point to make a quick sale by flipping monthly 50K MT deals during Q3 and Q4.

Paulius Stankevicius, the CEO of Stankevicius International, expresses the oil market rise as an easy way to pump up the market in the actual barrel trading while still maintaining good margins. “Stankevicius International always had a close relationship with the end supplier of oil products in Africa and Russia, and our firm maintained this relationship throughout the years enabling us to supply to clients the most hyped oil products at ease and quickly” - says Paulius Stankevicius.

The company expects to increase clientele demand by Q4 as closing Nigerian oil will result in a huge sales surge for the firm and a strong client referral case.