International Trade Consulting

Importance of the inspection

Inspection takes a significant part in trade business to make sure the product’s quality fits the requirements and the product is real within standards. It is important to guarantee certainty and satisfaction to the client. Inspection is an essential task which has to be involved in professional trade process. It involves checking product’s quality, getting to know the merchandiser and building first steps of trust to move business relationship forward.

The inspections are usually done from the buying side as buyers don’t feel comfortable enough doing prepayments or giving deposits without getting to know the merchandiser and physically seeing products and their quality.

Main purposes of inspection are to verify the supplier as the source of product, to check if the goods are in good shape and are not damaged and rate the quality of the product.

Inspection gives a definite advantage to the buyer, however it does not give a certain guarantee to supplier that the deal will certainly go through. In many cases, especially when dealing internationally, suppliers have certain number of damaged goods or at times fake. When shipping to client, original and good products are mixed with damaged and fake products which in the end makes it very difficult for the buyer to know which products are legit and which aren’t.

Genuine manufacturers, traders and suppliers usually allow the inspection, but sometimes even legit suppliers do not allow inspections for various reasons. If the inspection is not allowed but the supplier seems to be genuine and has passed preliminary background checks, it is recommended to proceed with the test order against letter of credit, a bank instrument which protects buyers’ capital in case of fraud.