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RNR Medical Equipments Trading LLC partners with Stankevicius International Limited and SherryNetworks Hongkong Limited

United Arab Emirates based medical equipments firm, RNR Medical Equipments Trading LLC which is a member of RNR Group, partners with Ireland based trading and due diligence consulting firm, Stankevicius International Limited, and SherryNetworks Hongkong Limited 赛睿青春商贸有限公司, a trading firm focusing on medical equipment trade from China.

All three companies are into the medical trading industry during the COVID-19 pandemic and provide similar services to clients, firms have established official partnership for mutual interest in protecting clients against fraud and extend trading network access to wider trading community, enabling larger global reach on the medical product supply chain.

RNR Medical Equipments Trading LLC specialized in medical item supply chain management and trading, assisting hospitals, clinics, governments and private clientele to trade medical equipments through philanthropic foundation.

RNR Medical Equipments Trading LLC provides top trading options within premiere global network with access to medical equipments merchandisers globally from the US to Europe, to Middle East, to Asia Pacific. RNR Medical Equipments Trading LLC focuses on assisting clients on getting access to trending trading medical items while at the same time providing suppliers due diligence and contracting services.

Stankevicius International Limited po­s­i­tion as a professional trading consultant, its spe­cial­ty in contracting and due diligence cap­ab­il­it­ies and its strong pres­ence and network in international markets. Company seeks to fol­low a bal­anced ap­proach to global trading, aim­ing to provide security on both sides of the buying party and the supplier party, while primarily serving the client’s interest with minimised risk and maximum return strategies.

Stankevicius International Limited serves cli­ents with two key solutions: assistance in international trade and security contracting with due diligence. These busi­ness services are sup­por­ted by global partners in international trade capabilities covering all major continents.

SherryNetworks Hongkong Limited 赛睿青春商贸有限公司 is a general trading company based in China, focusing on COVID-19 medical item supply and manufacturing from China.