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Stankevicius International Limited – new firm of Stankevicius Group (Chief Executive Officer, Paulius Stankevicius)

Stankevicius Group which represents four Stankevicius companies (Stankevicius MGM) within marketing service line including Stankevicius Finland, Stankevicius MGM BY LLC, Stankevicius Middle East Limited and Stankevicius Pacific Limited, officially adds a new company to portfolio – Stankevicius International Limited.

Stankevicius has been in the business since 2014 offering international clients IT and marketing services. The group’s CEO, Paulius Stankevicius, announced in his recent CEO letter about expanding business services to new industries through trade. Stankevicius International was created in early 2020, with a purpose to provide security and due diligence services for clients and help them avoid fraud activities.

Stankevicius International currently consults companies for oil and medical supply trade. To learn more about the company visit

About Stankevicius MGM

Stankevicius MGM is a leading global advertising, marketing, and public relations firm that provides a wide range of advertising and marketing services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial companies, startups, and individuals. Founded in 2014, the firm is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and maintains locations in Hong Kong, Helsinki, and Minsk.

About Stankevicius International

Stankevicius International Limited po­s­i­tion as a professional trading consultant, its spe­cial­ty in contracting and due diligence cap­ab­il­it­ies and its strong pres­ence and network in international markets. Company seeks to fol­low a bal­anced ap­proach to global trading, aim­ing to provide security on both sides of the buying party and the supplier party, while primarily serving the client’s interest with minimised risk and maximum return strategies.

Stankevicius International Limited serves cli­ents with two key solutions: assistance in international trade and security contracting with due diligence. These busi­ness services are sup­por­ted by global partners in international trade capabilities covering all major continents.