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Stankevicius International and the edge trading in medical equipment in Q3 2020

According to Stankevicius International, medical supply trade has reached its peak by the end of Q2 and start of Q3. Based on analysts and reports from Bloomberg and CNN, the new wave of coronavirus will hit the world again during the summer and then again in winter.

Basic medical companies are having multi million dollar orders for basic medical equipment supply while SME size and larger medical and pharmaceutical enterprises having medical equipment contracts above $100 million.

Who is the client?

The government, private companies and independent investors who buy and resell medical products at profit.

What is the currently trending item?

In the end of Q2 medical gloves such as nitrile gloves hit the market with massive demands reaching over one billion unit order per client.

What does it take to make a trade deal in the medical supply market, what is the unique edge required to have in the market for a business to be competitive?

A business certainly must have established very strong connections with international brokers. Medical equipment pricing fluctuates from Asia to the Middle East to Europe to the US. Having established a strong traders network gives superior advantage to access information fast considering that trade information changes very often based on daily events in certain regions and countries.

Medical equipment trading is not an online stock electronic trading and so Bloomberg terminal does not precisely help in this manner. Offline networks are required and other resources are used. Stankevicius International is currently developing an offline trading platform called the Business Terminal which primarily focuses on offline trading and offline networks.

However, even having a strong international brokers network does not protect a business from fraud as scams and frauds are extremely wide in the area of physical trading, especially in hyped products such as medical equipment. There have been several reports announced through news channels about fake and fraudulent medical items bought from China and delivered to Europe and the US.

In order to have control over the situation and be able to understand supplier relations and product’s true existence, a trading business has to have a very strong legal partner and due diligence expert on their side to minimize risk as much as possible.

What is the edge?

The edge is to have the control over the market. As a trading company you cannot possibly own a factory or own a product worth of $500 million, but you can definitely control the players who manage the product including the factory and its managers as well as logistics.

Bringing the edge is what Stankevicius International is focusing on providing to international clients whether its a trading company or the end buyer of the product.