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Stankevicius International introduces Fly Moments

Stankevicius International in partnership with Alaem Talya Aviation Services introduces freight plane leasing and private jet renting services. Recently, the demand for cargo airplanes as well as private luxury traveling including private jets and yachts has increased signifcantly. Stankevicius International takes a step further into the market to bring out the best customized market-fit solution for freight airplanes and private jets called Fly Moments.

Fly Moments is an initiative by Stankevicius International Limited and Alaem Talya Aviation Services to connect the world to more faster and efficient sky transportation. Fly Moments provide cargo plane leasing and private jet renting. Utilizing our extensive global airplane brokerage network, with Fly Moments, clients can request customized options for plane purchasing whether a cargo plane, a private jet or a commercial airplane.

Stankevicius International also provides access to mega yachts for high net worth individuals, and standard luxury yachts for public market.

View Fly Moments brochure here