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Stankevicius International to Provide Coronavirus Test Kits to The Market

Coronavirus is growing globally, people are panicking, shops are getting empty, what is going on and what will happen next? These are people’s thoughts today. How do you know if you have coronavirus or not?

Some people may be afraid to go to the doctor just to get a reality check in public. Who knows if you are diagnosed with coronavirus you may get quarantined in a special facility or elsewhere. Yet, people need to know if they are sick or not.

A recent medical product has been developed to diagnose if a person has a coronavirus or not. It is a medical kit required to take a blood sample. In 15 min time, the test kit will tell if you are infected or not.

Stankevicius International, a newly established trade consulting firm, is offering test kits to the European and Asia Pacific markets. The company is aiming to supply global markets with latest medical innovations to protect people from coronavirus and create awareness about the actual issues.

According to Stankevicius International CEO, Paulius Stankevicius, if the virus mutates and evolves further, it can really cause a global apocalypse.

Staying safe is the most important thing which includes wearing a mask whenever going outside, washing hands with hand sanitizer, drinking vitamin C, and avoiding crowded places.

Stankevicius International is already donating face masks in India and Africa. Stankevicius International aims to help the world, and so other companies should join to do that as well!