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Get your trading goals aligned with market conditions

Commercial trading business opportunities and chances may not always exceed the client’s expectations, especially when dealing with a trending commodity as high demands typically can raise pricing over 300% within a short period.

Keeping your business balanced at competitive times can be a struggle when bidding war can squeeze you out not just from buying but also selling positions.

Global events affecting the global economy, such as Coronavirus is a perfect example of the medical supply industry’s extreme price jump overnight. Regular 3 layer surgical mask which original wholesale value was at around 0.04$ cents, during the crisis time jumped up to 0.50$ cents for wholesale purchase in specific local markets in the world.

At the same time, being able to manage the margin difference with the right supply chain partner can increase returns up to 10X if the business model is executed right and quickly, during the volatile period of trending commodities as speed is one of the key factors for strong returns.

To be first in the market and predict the change is the result of a detailed analysis of future markets and global factors. To adjust to frequent market changes efficiently and with minimal risk is another factor which professional trader should consider. Managing the trading world independently can be challenging. At Stankevicius International, we provide expert consulting on global trade matters and market analysis to help you get through difficult situations with the best return options.