Reports and Research

Stankevicius International 2020: Sales & Trading

Stankevicius International incorporated in early 2020 for the purpose of trading with medical and pharmaceutical industries, and natural commodities such as oil. Stankevicius International acquired early clients already in January of 2020 for purchase of COVID-19 related medical supplies.

Stankevicius International performed strong market research for Q2-Q3 and managed to provide clients with accurate medical trading market analytics. Stankevicius International assisted clients with managing client relations, supplier relations as well as provided due diligence, and purchase and sales consulting within standard secure global trade protocol. In Q4, Stankevicius International entered the pharmaceutical industry and is now consulting clients for pharmaceutical global trade business opportunities and business security related to COVID-19.

Stankevicius International works with private clients and private corporations. Company mainly provides sales and trading assistance in the medical field of trade for various medical items related to COVID-19 as well as pharmaceutical products. Stankevicius International also provides professional market research, and merchandiser’s due diligence services not limited to the natural commodities market.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stankevicius Group, Paulius Stankevicius, stated in his personal opening message of Stankevicius International that the business priority of general trading is client’s security as the general trading industry is extremely risky and requires professional view and special edge to control situations between the dealing parties.