Reports and Research

Alternative Commodities Trading

Stankevicius International is taking a step further into general trading industry and starting to participate in alternative commodities trading tender bets for international private companies and government contracts.

In 2022, Stankevicius International has started a new paper production business in Asia to supply clients in Europe, US and Middle East.

Additionally, company has taken a closer look into food industry and its scarcity worldwide. China has been the one to recently put large orders on poultry products including chicken.

Stankevicius International CEO, Paulius Stankevicius sees that global requirement for regular copy paper is about to rise significantly and so the company is taking a stronger push into the paper industry aiming for minimal market share acquisition by late 2022 and early 2023.

Commodity trading is a difficult industry between suppliers, buyers and trading companies. Managing international trade is extremely difficult, risky and requires a lot of effort. Stankevicius International recognizes the issue and is participating in blockchain technology development and partnerships for making trade accessible to more companies through enabled trust of blockchain technology.

Stankevicius International has signed agreements with technology companies to allow facilitation of international trade through blockchain smart contracts.

Stankevicius International is looking to run transactional tests of alternative commodity trading through blockchain technology already during Q3 of 2022.