Secure Contracting and Due Diligence

You’re looking for reliance to manage your contracts for commercial trade deals. While keeping your personal data private and not taking uncertain risks which could damage your financial resources. Our company will help you to create a secure contract with due diligence safety aspects right from the start.

Your business safety in professional hands.

Leave the due diligence investigations as well as party negotiation management and complicated contracting to our field experts.

Personal service experience

Experience that is personalised only for your exclusive business matter. You’ll avoid the need to dive into the paper work or analysing mer­chan­diser’s background.

Custom safety solutions

We will take time to analyse your business party you are dealing with. That way we can be sure you are doing business safely and with the right people at minimal risks.

Manage trade risks

Deep due diligence on your questionable business parties while taking extra steps further with additional physical inspections and meetings.

Professional trade obligation.

With our professional expertise we will examine safety and risk levels as well as return options of each and every deal you go through. We will help you to analyse and find the best business merchandisers based on safety and profitability scale. Most importantly you are included in every step of our processes being able to make decisions while getting sophisticated business advice on your business matters.

Contracting supervision and security

  • Protecting client from bank instrument fraud, concerned deposits and other phishy business terms and conditions.
  • Preparing secured contract for primary client's interest while keeping all other parties at fair balance.

Merchandiser's due diligence

  • Physically inspecting the facilities and goods of client's requested business party.
  • Arranging business meetings and occassionally acting as client's mandate.
  • Checking merchandiser's background both online and offline.