Stankevicius: Secure Trade Transactions

Protect your trade transaction. Stankevicius International account is a safe, easy way for you to trade internationally. Account management is absolutely free, and transaction security starts with minimal fees from just 0.005% with the most competitive rate in the market.

Easy, safe, afforable and convenient transaction

No account management fees

Complete transparency with clients

Secured Intermediate Transactions with Stankevicius International

Our Savings Account


  • Account management is absolutely free.
  • A security fee will be charged per deposit, starting from 0.005% for over 1 million EUR deposit.


Release your transaction to your business dealing party whenever you are ready. Stankevicius International monitors private client services on ongoing basis.


We provide complete transparency to our clients and we follow ethical standards of European business policies.

Stankevicius International Limited

Why Stankevicius International For Transaction Security?

Capital security is the most important issue for every business especially when dealing in international trade. When buyers and suppliers are in distant countries across different continents the trust building can be difficult considering the differences how business is being conducted throughout various cultures.

Companies do global business because of supply and demand. Buying and selling between companies internationally is a very common thing, however at times there is a lack of communication within payment terms, and this is the point where issues start to happen. Performing transactions between companies that have never dealt before is a risk zone. A lot of due diligence is required before doing the payment. Some buyers prefer to deal via letter of credit only and some sellers only want complete advance payment.

The payment term negotiations usually can become very complicated and exhausting. As Stankevicius International is focusing on trading security, contracting and due diligence, the company also provides support to clients for easy transactions and capital security.

Stankevicius: Secure Trade Transactions (S:STT), is an intermediate capital holding service which provides complete transparency and security for client’s capital. Stankevicius International is an Irish based trade firm specializing in security and due diligence. The CEO of the firm, Paulius Stankevicius, has an extensive trade experience and has assisted international investors and corporations in contract supervision and fraud prevention in trade deals.

The purpose of Stankevicius International is to provide security, prevent fraud, and help clients to avoid fishy international deals. Securing a contract and doing due diligence on business parties is not enough as the capital can still be at risk. That’s why S:STT service is specially designed to protect client’s capital. Stankevicius International has minimized security fees to absolute minimal making it easy and convenient for the client to do international business.

3 Steps to Your Secured Transaction

Secure your capital and close a trade deal through Stankevicius International.


Request to open a private client account

Go to our contact form and add your information. Select to open a private client account and submit your information.


Get a call back and set up

You’ll receive a call or an email from us during the following business day. We’ll clear up any remaining questions with you on the phone and discuss what happens next. Then we’ll open your new premiere account for you.


Send your trade contract and deposit

You’ll need to send us your trade contract and all other related documents of the business deal. We will check your contracts and get them approved within 24-48h. Once approved you will be able to deposit your trade transaction into our account. We will release the money based on your trade contract terms or whenever you are ready on your call.


Send us your trade contract

Send your trade contract and other related documents regarding your business deal and we will check them.


Get approved

We will analyze your contacts within 24-48h. If required we will call you on the phone during the document checking.



Once approved, you will be able to deposit your transaction into our account, and we will release your transaction based on your contract terms or whenever you are ready.

Every step by your side

We understand the importance of money security and importance of being transparent with clients in every step of the money flow. We asure clients to stand by and provide constant online support during the entire period of the transaction from the begining until the end.


  • Competitive transaction security rate
  • Easy, secure and convenient local and international transactions
  • No account management fees
  • Up to 250,000 EUR worth of transaction at a time

Rates and requirements

  • 0.0125% up to 250 000 EUR transaction
  • Passport copy
  • Contract and other supportive documents for the transaction